Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Is all of your work done by hand?

Our goal is to make the surfaces look and feel hand made. Much of our dovetail joinery is cut by hand. Machines are only used in areas less important to the end look and feel.

It appears to be a one man business. Do you have others working with you ?

My Dad and I work in the workshop. He finishes the pieces that I make.

Do you wholesale?

Our passion is in making one piece of furniture at a time. Our philosophy promotes a close working relationship with our customers and results in a high quality product and great customer satisfaction.

How long does it take to make a Windsor Chair?

From the log to the final brush stroke in the finishing process, it takes about 25 hours to make a Windsor Chair.

The Windsor Chair looks thin and weak. Will they break?

If factory made Windsor Chairs looked like ours they would likely not hold up. But because of our process of material selection and handling one can enjoy the comfort and beauty of a lighter and more refined looking chair. We guarantee it!

Where do you source your wood(s)?

Wood is sourced from within a 100 km radius. The logs are selectively cut from mature forests and milled to our specifications.