Our customers are vital to our work. We value and take into account their feedback . Many continue to add new furniture or architectural pieces to their homes. They have allowed us to take pictures of our work in their home and post these to our website . We thank you ! Our customers are proud of our work and appreciate what we offer.

"We have two of the high comb-back knuckle arm chairs. They are extraordinarily comfortable that you sit in them for hours. Excellent workmanship and details throughout. They are the show pieces of the room."
Tony & Diane
"Six Custom Windsor Chairs

I am extremely happy with the end result. The  overall design is almost identical. Thank you so much for fulfilling our requirements when no one else could or would. Your craftsmanship is amazing! Thank you for sending the photos as you went along as it really makes one appreciate the time and effort that goes into making a chair. "
"The bed and tables are beautiful and your work and quality are excellent! It takes a lot to please me and you succeeded. It was a pleasure dealing with you Bruce and I will highly recommend you to anyone."
"We believe that the cupboard that you made us is the single most beautiful piece of furniture that we have ever seen and we have done a fair bit of travelling in Europe, Asia, Latin America and within North America. Thanks for making the two most beautiful pieces of furniture we will ever own!"
"You are truly a gifted artisan. Each time we walk by the door and get a glimpse of the cherry table it's a lovely little moment. This table will outlive us all. One day our grandchildren will tell the story of Bruce Chambers from Bond Head as they sit around the table with their families."
"Bruce the chairs are awesome! Breakfast the first morning with the chairs was 
amazing simply because of the chairs! "
"Bruce, thank you very much!!! The table is amazing as usual. Your workmanship and artristy is inspiring. We love to show off your work!"